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Tired of not being able to smoke even if you are really wanting to? Try the newest innovation made from China -- the electronic cigarette.
Hon Lik, a medical practitioner, inventor and a fellow smoker find ways on how to smoke in a healthy way. The invention comes from a dream somewhere in the year 2000. According to Lik, he was coughing and wheezing when suddenly the water around him lifted into a fog. His first prototype was given to his near to death father. With the hope to satisfy his need to smoke and the aim to reduce the harsh effect of traditional smoking, inventor Hon Lik invented the electronic cigarette.
Basically speaking, an electronic cigarette is just like any other cigar in the street but much healthier, cost-effective and environment - friendly. This refillable e-cigarette is a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes since it contains approximately 4,000 less chemicals as compared to the tobacco cigars. A great feature to this gadget is that you can smoke anywhere you want to with no worry of emitting hazardous smoke to others.
Electronic cigarette, sometimes referred to as e-cig, is the safest way to smoke. Also called electric cigarette or health cigarette, it is the world's smallest form of a vaporizer. Electric cigarette is a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.
Do you want to know how it works? Before that, let"s get to know piece by piece its main parts. First on the list is the mouthpiece. It is commonly called the cartridge. It is not the same cartridge as cartridge in a computer. It is a part of the e-cigar wherein its most important component is lodged - the saturated form of liquid that may contain nicotine. It is mentioned that "may contain nicotine" since there are e-cigarettes that does not contain nicotine. Cartridges are also refillable hence it is cost-effective. Second in line is the atomizer. Wonder how the liquid turns into a vapour. This part is responsible in converting the flavoured liquid into an inhalable vapour. Lastly is the power source. Like most of the gadgets out in the market like cellular phones and laptops, the electronic cigarette is a battery operated gizmo. Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are commonly used as a source of power. A lot of ways these batteries can be recharged. It can be into a wall outlet, into your laptop as in the case of usb chargers or to your car. What a fast and easy way to power up your electronic cigarette.
Back to the question on how does it work? Simple, first your gadget must have all the necessary parts with the most important item-the flavoured liquid with or without nicotine. Second, the atomizer converts the liquid into a vapour while the battery acts as a power source to be able to do all this conversion process.

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The electronic cigarette does ways on helping you out with current smoking problem. Though the invention of Hon Lik was late and did not save his fathers" life, it doesn"t mean that it is too late for him or for you. Hon Lik switched from the traditional tobacco cigarette to a more convenient way of smoking and that is through electronic cigarette. Hon Lik switched, how about you?

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Electronic Cigarette Benefits

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This article was published on 2010/11/23