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Electronic cigarettes use atomization technology to produce a tobacco flavored but tobacco-free vapor containing nicotine.  There is no smoke or combustion involved in electronic cigarettes! That’s right, a smoke free experience only just tasting like one through the use of masterfully designed e juice or e-liquid cocktails. When you first visit an e cigarette store, you will be recommended an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit.  The Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit contains some essentials or basics for the e-smoking process.

An atomizer is the most important component as it heats up the e liquid or e juice in the cartridge until it fully vaporizes.  This is triggered by the pressure applied on the mouth piece of the device.  Once aerosolized the vapor is carried up to the mouthpiece and into the mouth of the smoker.  As more and more people are switching to this form of smoking, it is becoming more accessible through e-cigarette stores.  Most establishments allow e-smoking in their premises.  Even airplanes are permitting e-smoking on their flights. 

E-liquid choices can be somewhat daunting.  The first time buyer at the Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit purchase is mostly spared from making decisions.  On the other hand as one gets more seasoned, one may actually enjoy the process of picking e-liquid flavors that best represent one’s tastes.

The Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit permits you to start e-smoking without worrying about the minutia of the process.  As the e cigarette is not as simple as the cigarette, it requires a small assembly before use.  This is all well spelled out in the manual when you purchase the Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit.  The e-liquid choices in the Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit are quite basic, while the connoisseur is privy to lists that feature gourmet flavors!

Just the coffee flavors of e-liquid available will make the array at Starbucks look like amateur hour!  The Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit itself comes in various price ranges.  Although there is a small initial investment involved, all future purchases are very inexpensive, much less than real cigarettes.  Cigarettes run at least $10 a pack based on the state you live in.  E-cigarettes on the other hand cost close to $30 to get started but once established the e-liquid cartridges that last the duration of an entire pack cost about a fifth of the price.  So if money is a motivator, then a savings of over $1000 per smoker has been reported.

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The electronic cigarette starter kit makes the start of the e-smoking experience hassle free by packing all the equipment into one nifty ensemble. The e-liquid or e-juice is available in more flavors than before making the whole e-smoking experience a fun ride according to users. E-Cigarette510.com can be your one stop shop for all your e-smoking needs.

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E-Liquid Therapy

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E-Liquid Therapy

This article was published on 2011/10/25