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A decade ago, nobody had heard the word e-liquid but today it has become a household word.  What changed?  Smoking cessation devices which were the rage in the nineties and early 2000s have taken a distant backseat to the latest health trend in quitting smoking- the e cigarette. First available in 2003, the e cigarette has taken the world by storm as the latest and brightest star in the smoking cessation horizon. While the initial going was tough, the e cigarette has managed to gather a captive audience over the last decade.  An estimated 70, 000 Americans have switched to this platform.

If this rate continues, within the next decade a large number of people would have successfully beaten the habit.  How is this even possible when so many other methods have failed?  Even if people were successful initially, they succumbed at the first sight of temptation.  The only possible solution is a device that is so close to the actual smoking experience that smoking is not missed!  Here is where the e cigarette came in.  It fulfilled all the promises that smoking usually delivered but without the harmful effects.

The first step in the e- smoking process is the Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit.  This will show you the ropes so to speak.  The unfamiliar terrain landscape of e-smoking and e-liquid may be daunting to a newbie, but the Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit provides all the equipment in one convenient package.  The Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit has one or more atomizers depending on the price point, a selection of e-liquid cartridges, a powers source, and a mouthpiece that will hold the cartridge. 

The e-liquid or e juice choices may have you scratching your head at first, but the staff at electronic cigarette stores can help guide one through the process of picking the flavors that are most likely to appeal to you. The Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit will also carry a very comprehensive manual and catalog that explains the various e-liquid combinations and nicotine concentrations.  There is a type that will appeal to every smoker.  Neither the long term nor the casual smoker will be left out; there are flavors and strengths that appeal to all kinds of smokers. When you buy an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit and e-liquid make sure to inform the service agent so that they can help you decipher what will work best for your needs.

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Although landing on the perfect electronic cigarette starter kit for your needs is important, the e-liquid options come into play later in the process. Once you have established that you enjoy e-smoking then choosing e-juice varieties can be very exciting! All the varieties and flavors of E-liquid can be browsed at E-Cigarette510.com

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E-Liquid E-How

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E-Liquid E-How

This article was published on 2011/10/25